Therapeutic Massage

I have many tools in my toolbag, including craniosacral, therapeutic massage, breath work, movement, energy work, mindfulness/meditation, and Dreamweaver explorations.
Each session is personalized for the client's needs.
Sessions begin with connecting, centering, and discussing an intention for that session; such as physical discomfort, low energy level, stressed, relaxation, well-being, or exploration of possibilities.
All sessions include one or more of the appropriate modalities discussed.

Therapeutic massage is more than a relaxing massage. My 27 plus years of continuing education and experience helps me to blend clinical and relaxing techniques.
If a client presents with a headache, I assess range of motion , palpate musculature, engage mindfulness breathes to calm and center, and incorporate whole body energetic and physical modalities to explore underlying causes.
If a client presents with "I am really stressed!", I may start with a breathing and centering exercise followed by hands on techniques; quieting and calming the mind and body.