Long Distance Healing Facillitation


Long distance telephone sessions are a profound way to explore therapeutic healing when time or travel prohibit hands on treatment.

This is a long-distance session for body, mind, and spirit. It offers us a way to tune in together and explore healing, even when there are many miles between us.

I was amazed with my first long distance session with my mentor, Suzanne Scurlock. I found that the physical distance between me and her did not matter. We connected and facilitated changes in my body. I felt empowered and able to increase my awareness of what I was feeling while having the support of Suzanne. I was curious about how this happened and pursued learning how I too could offer this to my clients.

As a certified Healing From the Core therapist, I am now trained to facilitate long distance sessions with my clients.
I connect with the client and facilitate healing by exploring and supporting the client's inner wisdom and intention.

This can be done in a few ways.
We may explore an illness or bring clarity to something that feels foggy or unmanageable.
We may work together to explore a part of you that may be ready to change.
We may work together to shift a perception or boundary you have about a situation, person or condition in your life.

We can explore a dream to help bring clarity and understanding.

This is an interactive session between me and client.
I am here to facilitate, support, and empower you to help yourself.

Contact me for a free initial 1/2 hour long distance session  740-357-3368