Healing From the Core

Deb is a Healing from the Core Presenter, offering private or group sessions.

Are you stressed out, burned out, looking for insight, or just plain blah?
Want to learn about how to listen to your bodies innate wisdom to live a life filled with joy and aliveness?

More information at  http://www.healingfromthecore.com

Healing From the Core(HFC) "is a curriculum whose mission is to teach people from all walks of life the “how-to” skills for listening to their body’s innate wisdom. This enables each of us to move beyond survival and thrive in today’s fast-paced, complex world."


All in person classes are cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation.

This is an example below of a class that I have taught.

Hopefully we will be able to gather again in the future.


Presenter- Deb Jewett

In this Overview to the Healing from the Core curriculum we will:

  • Learn a simple exploration to ground, center, and energize
  • Explore ways to have full boundaries
  • Learn how to remain resourced for work and home
  • Practice a hands-on exercise to explore energy flow
  • Learn a breath to focus and calm our nervous system
  • Learn about the HFC Five Principles to live life to the fullest

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