Favorite music & writings


I wrote the piece below after a session with a client who felt safe enough to speak the truth that was held within her. I have deep gratitude for being a witness to this and honor her courage to speak her truth.

With Me

With Me you have a choice
With Me you have a voice
With Me you have a choice to have a voice
With me you can voice whatever whenever
With Me it is my intention to hold a safe loving space for your voice to come forth.
I prefer to not hear what others, so called “experts” have to say, or what you think I want to hear.
I prefer to hear your voice, the voice from within, whatever it wants to say.
I have met that beautiful sweet voice at times. I have heard and felt the power of those words and I desire to hear more, if you choose to share.
It is my intention and desire to create a space for you to explore.
What would it feel like to be in a place that was secure, loving, rich and safe enough to speak a few words from within with no judgment about those words?
What would it feel like to allow that voice to speak the words that have been held within for so long?
With Me your voice is important and I long to hear your truth.
With Me we are patient
With Me your voice is worth waiting for when the time is right.
With Me you are in charge of your explorations of possibilities
With Me I am here with you

Deb Jewett

Favorite Music Selections

Air Element- Intention of light and space
Hug with the wind by Jalan Jalan, Flying Dream by Peter Kater

Earth Element- Intention of grounding and stability
Heartbeat by Wachazel, Mystical Journey by Anugama

Fire Element-Intention of energy and passion
Red Rhythm Dragons by James Asher, Around the Campfire by Dan Gibson

Water Element-Intention of fluidity and flow
Origins by Dan Gibson, Angels of the Deep by Raphael

Spirit-Intention of all is well
O Great Spirit by Robert Gass, Breathing by 2002