Energetic Presence


Enhance and Balance Your Energy Signature

Saturday March 16, 2019 1:00-3:00pm

Creative Yoga Studio- 408 A Park Ave. New Boston, OH

Special event price- $25.00

Open to Everyone

Learn about energy work, expand healthy life skills, and experience more joy.

Are you a practitioner that feels drained after a session?

Learn how to feel nourished after a therapeutic session.

Have you felt sad or angry after being with someone sad or angry ?

Explore being empathic without losing your vitality and boundaries.

Do you notice yourself over reacting in some situations?

Learn how to hold therapeutic presence with family, friends, or clients.

Reserve your spot.

Call or text 740-357-3368

Deb Jewett is a manual therapist for over 27 years using craniosacral, massage, mindfulness, and various energy techniques. She is a Healing From the Core presenter and elder woman who believes in helping people help themselves.