Dreamweaver is a vibroacoustic healing instrument used to facilitate wellness and healing through music, vibration, sacred geometry, and intention. It is an experiential tool to facilitate present moment awareness and deep connection to our inner wisdom and unseen support.

What is a Dreamweaver session?
Enveloped in a five foot copper dodecahedron, bathed in music, massaged by vibration, and guided by facilitator, Deb Jewett, the Dreamweaver can facilitate the manifestation of your heart’s intent.
A session is comprised of three parts: intake for personal history and intention, Dreamweaver experience, and post session thoughts and possible next steps.
Sessions are available to an individual, couple, or groups of 4-5.
“This is the best surround sound I have ever experienced.”
Intention is important
Intention plays a large role in a Dreamweaver session. Whether it is physical healing, emotional stability, clarity of thought, balanced energy level, or motivation for your next step, a Dreamweaver session can play an important role to make it happen.
Sacred Geometry and the Dodecahedron
Sacred Geometry is a blend of science, mathematics, and spirituality. It speaks to how our creation is organized and repeated in certain shapes and forms such as a triangle, spiral, or circle. Plato, a famous Greek philosopher and mathematician, thought the five platonic solids were quite special. The platonic solids are cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron. Dodecahedron is associated with spirit and divine connection with all things.
Power of Music
Music has the potential to shift our present state of mind and widen our perceptual lens. Lively music can energize and add fire to our systems. Nature and flute music can calm and soothe our nervous system. Deb intuitively chooses the music to help facilitate the intention of the session.
The music played is felt through the vibroacoustic mat. Sensory input is heightened and can be felt to the core of our being. This vibration helps to carry your intent deep within the body.
Facilitator connection
Deb is deeply connected to the client during a Dreamweaver session. Deb listens to the intent of the client, intuitively chooses music to enhance the intention, and holds neutral and compassionate presence during the session. Deb may incorporate hands on techniques. Distance energetic techniques may also be incorporated.

Our unique and special rhythmic vibration is part of a moment to moment universal soul orchestra of healing change. A Dreamweaver session is an exploration of new possibilities to change physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual presence.

“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of our soul.” Plato

Contact Deb to schedule and pricing for sessions.

Listen to the audio recording below to hear my interview with Dr. Joel Ying about the Dreamweaver and Sacred Geometry.